Understanding Zen Buddhist “Emptiness”

We all have our interpretations of reality… but are they accurate?
Are we really “seeing” the world as it is? What are our thoughts and feeling telling us? How do we interpret the meaning of
this information from our cognition?

Emptiness in the Zen tradition means…

Bruce Linton/Journal Entry December 24, 2021

Zen Tea?
all my practice is
making a cup of tea
it is not the Japanese tea ceremony
it may be
the American tea ceremony?
my attention is getting the Earl Grey tea bag
into the white porcelain mug
pouring the boiling water
from our tea kettle
wait two minutes…
the time it takes to…

by Bruce Linton

I might begin by saying “I have been practicing Zen for a long time,” but that would be me just saying “I am credible, please read this.” It would be true. I practice Zen everyday. Or, I would call it the “Way.” But fundamentally what is “Practice”…

by Bruce Linton

I have always thought of myself as culturally Jewish. Celebrating Passover my favorite holiday, and attending high holiday services. Passed down from my father and mother being Jewish meant being honest and trying to do the right thing; although the right thing is not always clear. My…

the art of Kintsugi

by Bruce Linton

At a summer stay at Tassajara, the San Francisco Zen Center’s rural retreat I noticed a growing number of chairs in the Zendo.

Many of us lay Zen practitioners are growing older…

As we age we are all hoping that we will have accumulated some accomplishments, found…

by Bruce Linton

If you’re not feeling fear to some degree…you are not alive. When you feel the emotional “suffering” of the unknown, confusion and anxiety, do not mistake it for depression. The HUGE life change of becoming a father is the greatest challenge we face as men. Nothing can…

Bruce Linton, Ph.D.

Consulting Psychotherapist, specializing in working with men and fathers. Founder of the Fathers' Forum programs http://www.fathersforum.com

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